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Kale is looking “peek-ed”. Lots of cold. Anything grow?

29 Jan

Our kale fought a fight against the cold but looks really rough.
I’m hoping if we get some nice warmer days it will grow again.
There aren’t many crops that will stand the cold like kale. It has become quite popular and good to have for juicing during the Winter. What do ;you have in the garden that might survive until we can plant?


When snow is on the ground a pic from Spring

22 Jan

100_1711This pic is for all of us whose garden is frozen over or covered with snow today. It is green and growing. Let’s plan today to have the best garden we have ever had this year and use it more.

January 20th. 2014 Beginning daily blog for gardening, food prep, nutrition New Year’s Resolutions

20 Jan

ImageIt is the Need that demands me to write to help others with their nutrition and health. Most people don’t know what to do this New Year to get healthier.   I study much to learn how we can live a more healthier and more simple life in the middle of a confusion around us. Please don’t let these steps I suggest overwhelm you.  If you want to do better and live better, you did not get out of condition overnight,  You will not get where  you want to go overnight either.  Don’t get overwhelmed.  Take a baby step.  DO.   The steps I recommend are these:  get moving at the  gym or a walk at the mall or at least mute the show, get up between commercials and get some fruit to eat.  Just get off your duff and then begin to eat healthier. If you want to see a change more quickly then, Juice.  The difference juicing makes can be felt within days I think.  It is not the answer but part of these steps and part of the answer.  You will possibly want to garden in some way so that you can  juice your garden.  Gardening is a great way to get moving, to get profitable exercise and see the difference.  I get a lot of peace in the garden but have found some either hate it or love it.  I love it.  For those who hate it, you may have had a bad early on experience and will need to buy your fruits and vegetables but that’s okay.  That helps all of the others of us who garden who have extra.  Right here, we have an opportunity to help others and  help ourselves by blogging.  Please join me and don’t just send attachments.  Share where you are at and what you need help with in the areas or related areas I have mentioned.  Please give relevant input of what you are DOING, what you are thinking.  I will not allow negatives to be published unless there is a benefit to our blog group.    Thank you. Don