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First week of February Plant Garden?

9 Feb

Green Peas, Lettuce, Chard, onions all can be planted indoors soon.  I’ve found that in the Carolinas green sweet peas have a difficult time growing because they don’t get planted soon enough, then the warm weather comes before they can really produce.  There are several ideas out there that are good.   I have planted pea seeds, then moved/transplanted them when nicely sprouted and in leaf.  Also, some gardeners plant in rain gutters, then slide the growing plants out into a shallow garden ditch.  I tried and think it would have worked better for me if I had lined the gutter with either paper or rolled plastic. Let’s start early and get those welcome Spring crops.


12volt dc applications how to

4 Feb

New to using low voltage for practical applications?  We hope these workshop videos are helpful.