First week of February Plant Garden?

9 Feb

Green Peas, Lettuce, Chard, onions all can be planted indoors soon.  I’ve found that in the Carolinas green sweet peas have a difficult time growing because they don’t get planted soon enough, then the warm weather comes before they can really produce.  There are several ideas out there that are good.   I have planted pea seeds, then moved/transplanted them when nicely sprouted and in leaf.  Also, some gardeners plant in rain gutters, then slide the growing plants out into a shallow garden ditch.  I tried and think it would have worked better for me if I had lined the gutter with either paper or rolled plastic. Let’s start early and get those welcome Spring crops.


One Response to “First week of February Plant Garden?”

  1. 12vdcstuff February 24, 2014 at 1:51 pm #

    Last 2 days have been close to 70 degrees…. maple trees already showing leaves, seen some daffodils, too. Too early to do much in the garden, but burning some last year leaves in garden area… will till soil first chance, but more snow and cold on the way.

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